The SpinTV Launch

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What is the SpinTV?
The SpinTV is a brand new Disc Golf medium. It is a broadcasting channel of everything Disc Golf related in the highest order. The SpinTV will offer its viewers a weekly dose of Disc Golf goodness in the form of state-of-the-art videos. But quite frankly, the SpinTV is much more than that.

The SpinTV is what the sport of Disc Golf has been lacking. The sport itself is wonderful in many aspects, but we need find ways to promote it so that it’s credible to the mainstream media. We wanted to develop the pinnacle Disc Golf medium out there and I think we’ve done a good job doing so. If you have a friend who doesn’t know anything about Disc Golf, this is the site you should show him.
SpinTV co-founder Jussi Meresmaa.

The SpinTV team consists of reputable Disc Golf promoters, players and inventors. features an Ask Us -segment where anybody can get answers help to their Disc Golf -related questions from a team of established Disc Golf professionals on and off the course. The team includes:

Throughout the season, the SpinTV will offer videos focusing to various aspects of the sport: The tournaments, the players and the people behind the growth of the sport. It will also feature tips for disc golfers from both Pro players and plastic aficionados.

Visit, check out the three debut videos, and ask the Disc Golf Pros some questions!
[youtube: 420 260]
In My Bag with Disc Golf World Champion Avery Jenkins
Here’s one of three debut videos. Make sure to subscribe to the SpinTV Youtube Channel to stay up to date on all our videos!

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