The Aero is a great disc for new players. It's the straightest point-to-point golf disc and the easiest disc to keep on the fairway for novice players.


    Diameter: 21.7 cm

    Rim Width: 1.0 cm

    Available Plastics:
  1. DX: 150-180g
  2. Best Choice for: All-around disc, Beginners, Short to medium turnover shots

    Date of Approval: 01/01/83


    Aero Flight Path


    The Aero is great for beginners and players using only one disc. It's extremely straight and very easy to keep on the fairway for beginners. The Aero is a slow flying control disc with a large diameter and a significant amount of glide. When broken in, the Aero will turnover slowly and predictably. The Aero was introduced in 1983 as the first disc designed specifically for disc golf (then called the Eagle).


    Christian Dietrich

    The Classic Roc is my favorite disc ever made. When brand-new, it is an extremely stable and dependable hyzer disc. With a little bit of wear, it is extremely easy to throw dead-straight at a huge range of speeds, and when worn-in it will hold an anhyzer line forever.