The XD has a low profile grip which is secure but easy to release. It is the most driver-like putter we have and is useful for drives, approaches and putts.


    Diameter: 21.2 cm

    Rim Width: 0.9 cm

    Available Plastics:
  1. DX: 165-175g
  2. Best Choice for: Wooded approaches, Short to medium rollers, Beginners

    Date of Approval: 01/01/90 (retooled)


    XD Flight Path


    The XD has a low profile, thin rim which promotes a secure grip and an easy, natural release. These features combined with straight flight characteristics make the XD an easy to throw and control disc. It is the most driver-like putter we have and is useful for putts, drives and approach shots. Good disc for developing a “touch” around the basket.


    Dr. Rick Voakes

    My main driver at the Worlds in 85. Great for long straight shots. When longer drivers came along, I started using the XD for mid-range shots.

    Brian Giggey

    I throw the XD in almost every round I play, as well use heavily as a teaching tool for beginners. The XD's low profile lends itself well for approach shots and even off the tee. I use the XD more as an approach disc than a putter, as it is a great turnover disc with a lot of glide. The XD's tremendous glide and straight flying nature help ease newer players into the sport with an easy-to-throw disc.