Pathfinder Guides: Suggested Disc Lineups for All Course Types

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Different Courses Call For Different Equipment 

Disc golf is a uniquely accessible sport because a course can be designed around almost any space. From dense woods to wide open fields and from just a few acres to massive, sprawling properties, an interesting layout can be created. That flexibility in what a course can be has fueled the growth of our sport. According to Udisc, over 250 million people in the United States live within 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) of a disc golf course.

The huge variety of course types is also part of what makes disc golf so fun. It makes for countless skills to improve at and styles to learn. For each kind of course, you will need to decide on the right equipment for the job. This guide will help you pick which discs to put in the bag before your next round. 


Ace Place (Short, 9-hole)

We’re heading to your local, nine-hole pitch and putt. Leave the bulky bag behind, grab these three Innova classics, and start hunting chains. 


DX AviarThe quintessential disc golf putter of the past 40 years. This would make a great choice for a one-disc round on the Ace Place course as well. 

Star AviarX3For holes that require a more overstable approach disc, you’re bagging the AviarX3. It will be your go-to for short S-curves, hyzers, late-panning anhyzers, and a host of utility shots. 

Halo Aero: One of the straightest-flying discs in the game. The added stability of Halo plastic makes it a winner for short-range drives and upshots.


Classic Par 3 (Standard, 18-hole)

There’s nothing like playing on your home course. It may not be the most challenging or longest course in the world, but the memories and community make it your favorite. 


XT WhaleThe best all-in-one putter Innova makes, great for short drives, upshots and any distance of putt. 

R-Pro PigSlow, overstable, and grabs the ground on landing. For upshots that need to stick where they hit, go with the Pig. 

Star JayCan handle power or be finessed. It has better torque-resistance than most Mid-Ranges, but still finishes straight. One of our most point-and-shoot discs on the market. 

GStar ITPerfect for lacing lines through the woods, laying down rollers in the field, and getting big distance at lower arm speeds.

Halo RoadrunnerDon’t be fooled by the -4 Turn. For many players, the Roadrunner is the farthest flying disc in their bag. Use it for straight shots, turnovers, and floaty hyzers. 


Bombs Away (Open, Many Par 4s and 5s) 

Finally feeling up to the long layout on that wide-open, bomber course outside of town? This bag will help you fight the wind and get the distance needed to score.


R-Pro DartYour only chance at Birdie on some of these longer Par 5s is to make a putt from deep C2. The R-Pro Dart is one of Innova’s best go-for-it discs for throw-ins and long putts. 

Champion RocX3More overstable and faster than our classic Roc, the RocX3 can handle the wind found on open courses and the torque of power players. 

GStar InvictusReach for the GStar Invictus for big forehands, ripping headwinds, spike hyzers, and a range of utility shots. 

Halo WraithYou might end up throwing the Halo Wraith from every tee. Stable, shapeable, and familiar-in-the-hand, the Wraith is a true workhorse driver.

Halo Boss: Holds the World Record for longest recorded throw with a golf disc at 1108 feet, thrown by David Wiggins Jr. When you need that next level of distance, reach for your Boss. 


Hit the Gap (Dense Woods, Narrow Fairways) 

There’s nothing that captures the magic of our sport like watching a disc shaped perfectly down a wooded fairway. Let’s head out for a hike in the woods with the added purpose and joy brought by a round of disc golf. 


Nexus FireflyNexus is fast-becoming our most popular putter plastic. It is the ideal combo of grippy and stiff, in one of the coolest looking plastics we make. Pair that with the Firefly, a slightly more overstable version of the Aviar, and this disc is a winner. 

Star Wombat3You can’t go into the woods without a Wombat3. This is the ultimate short-drive and approach disc for finesse lines. 

Star FirebirdWhen you find yourself off the fairway, more often than not, there’s a solution using the Firebird. One of the best forehand and utility discs of all time. 

GStar HawkeyeLong distance and extended glide in a straight flying fairway driver. If you’ve ever seen Hailey King lacing tee shots through the woods, chances are she was using her Hawkeye.

Pro WraithIn Pro plastic, the Wraith will relatively quickly season to the perfect hyzer flip disc for max distance in the woods. 


Dream 18 (Ideal Mix of Open, Woods, Water, etc.) 

We’re off to that destination disc golf course you’ve dreamed of playing since you first saw it on DGN. You’ll need a versatile bag, ready to tackle a wide variety of shot shapes.


DX XeroThe straightest-flying putter we’ve got – from 10 feet or 100 feet, aim at the heart of the chains and release on target for a shot you can tell is going into the basket from the second it leaves your hands. 

KC RocThis classic Innova mid-range is as useful today as it was 35 years ago. Pick one up in this stiff blend of Pro plastic made especially for 12x World Champ Ken Climo. 

Halo Leopard3Tour Series disc of 3x Masters World Champion, Ohn Scoggins, the Halo Leopard3 is an incredibly versatile Fairway Driver, able to handle nearly any shot-shape by adjusting your angle of release. 

Star Thunderbird: The distance of a High-Speed Driver with the controllability and hand feel of a Fairway Driver. It’s predictable fade makes the Thunderbird great for long range shots that need to stick in specific landing zones. 

Star Charger: A straight-finishing, 13-speed driver that can be thrown at full power without worrying about the disc flipping over. The Charger fills a gap between the Destroyer and the Shryke. Since its release, the Charger has made its way into the bags of most of our top touring pros.