Outgrow Your Disc Golf Starter Set?

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Like many of us, you may have discovered disc golf with a starter set. Now you’re hooked. You’re playing a lot, you wanna beat your buddies, maybe even compete in a local league. You’ve graduated beyond your starter set and are ready to advance your game. But, with all the discs and gear available, where do you start? Here’s our curated list of discs, gear, and tutorials to get you to the next level.

Upgrade Your Putter

Beginners often overlook the value in focusing on the putter. It’s the key short range disc, that’s why it’s referred to as a “Putt and Approach” disc. In addition to putts, use it for short tee shots and long approaches—it will improve your throwing form and you’ll discover how point-n-shoot flights can lower your scores.

  • Get the same putter in heavier weights (170-175 grams)
  • Find a putter that fits your grip and putting style – Disc Golf Discs – Putt & Approach
  • Get more putters for putting practice

Get Heavier Discs

Heavier weights (165-175g) for each of the discs you have eases the transition to more power and better form using models you’re familiar with. For more stability and durability, pick up our premium plastics like GStar, Star, or Champion. Learn more about Innova plastics – Plastic Types Overview

More Distance

Who doesn’t want more distance off the tee? The challenge is finding the right driver among the vast selection in our catalog. These are good options:

  • GStar Roadrunner (~165g), versatile driver in grippy, premium plastic
  • GStar Mamba (~165g), easy, controllable distance with extra glide in our premium GStar

Mid-Range Control

Are you seeking more control and versatility in a mid-range disc? Maybe you want more stability to fight headwinds? Or, you need a disc to hold a straight line. Check these out:

  • Star Lion (~165g) for control in a variety of conditions
  • Wombat3 (165-175g) for straight shots in the woods

Learn Forehand

Throwing forehand requires a comfortable grip and a disc that can handle extra torque.

  • Star Rat mid-range (~165g), comfortable forehand grip and predictable flight
  • Star Eagle driver (~165g), stability to handle some torque, sensitivity to give you feedback on your form, profile to get you well down the fairway
  • For a full breakdown of forehand options, visit: Best Discs For Throwing Forehand

Specialty Discs

The more you play and become proficient throwing starter discs, the more you realize you may need discs for specific situations, learning new throws, and improving your game.

  • XT Nova (~170g), soft XT rim helps it stay close to where it lands, learn finesse approaches, good warm-up disc before the round
  • Champion Firebird driver (~165g), overhand shots like thumbers and tomahawks, extreme hyzer approach shots, good in strong winds

Gear Up

Selecting the right discs is critical to improving your game. Having the right gear makes learning the game much easier. Start here:

  • Discover Pack, entry level backpack bag
  • Adventure Pack, our best all-around backpack bag
  • Mini marker
  • Towel
  • Good hiking shoes, popular brands on players’ feet include Adidas Terrex, Keen, Salomon, Merrell, Columbia

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