Innova Ambassadors are men and women who have a special passion for promotion. While many Ambassadors do participate in tournaments, there are no performance-based requirements to maintain Ambassador status. Innova works closely with Ambassadors in many ways such as event management, sponsorship, clinics, course design, trade shows, and other forms of localized, grass roots promotion.

Craig Getty
Batesville, IN
David Gillett
Halifax, NS Canada
Brian Gilly Gilmette
New Bern, NC
Adam Gorres
Rockville, MN
Serge Gosselin
Fernie, BC, Canada
Mike Haney
Mike Haney
McDonough, GA
Kathy Hardyman
Kathy Hardyman
Clitherall, MN
Steve Hardyman
Clitherall, MN
Jeff Harper
Coralville, IA
Adam W. Harris
Magnolia, NJ
Patrick Harris
Brattleboro, VT
Chris Hartmann
Vancouver, Canada
Bobby Hermann
Bobby Hermann
Silver Spring, MD
Adam Hernandez
Austin, TX
Sherry Herzog
Livonia, NY
Greg Hill
Hudson Falls, NY
Katie Holbrook
Columbus, OH
Zac Jolliffe
Zac Jolliffe
Kitchener, ON, Canada
Michelle Jones
Gainesville, FL
Atsuhito Kawasaki
Tochigi, Oyama