Innova Ambassadors are men and women who have a special passion for promotion. While many Ambassadors do participate in tournaments, there are no performance-based requirements to maintain Ambassador status. Innova works closely with Ambassadors in many ways such as event management, sponsorship, clinics, course design, trade shows, and other forms of localized, grass roots promotion.

John Reid
Monroe, Ga
Scott Riley
Oakland, Ca
Melinda Ring
Ann Arbor MI
Allen Risley
San Marcos, CA
Chris Roberts
Salisbury, MD
Jeff Roberts
Fountain Valley, CA
Ken Rollins
Westerville, OH
Rex Roscoe
Wayland, MI
Joe Rotan
Joe Rotan
Universal City, TX
Jason Schwake
Oklahoma City, OK
Debbie Scott
Debbie Scott
Charlotte, NC
Ken Shepperd
Ken Shepperd
Spring Branch Tx
Michael ” Smitty” Smith
Leesburg, GA
Jeff Spohr
La Mirada, CA
Chris Sprague
Chris Sprague
Rock Island, IL
Melissa Stein
Austin, TX
Duane Steiner
Duane Steiner
Independence. MO
Jerry Swami Swain
Jerry Swain
Augusta, GA
Ben Swam
Birmingham, AL
Joe Thacker
Birmingham, AL