Get to Know Calvin Heimburg

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How “Vinny” quietly became one of the disc golf’s elite.

Discovering Disc Golf

Calvin Heimburg was 11 when his grandparents gifted him an Innova starter set. He’d play occassional rounds with his dad before progressing more and eventually joining the PDGA in 2010. His hometown is Safety Harbor, FL, and to this day Cliff Stephens Park is one of his favorite courses, “It’s 10 minutes down the road from my house. You can throw a ton of different lines. It’s kinda like field practice with some obstacles.”

In 2019, Calvin embarked on a full tour and earned his place as a top-level pro after winning the Las Vegas Challenge and Hall of Fame Classic PDGA National Tour events.

About “Vinny”

“Vinny is a nickname given to me awhile ago, back in Florida. I think it was by Max Johnson,” Calvin says of his nickname. “Basically, it was just “Calvin” so they just took the last three letters of my actual name and started calling me “Vinny”.

Calvin Heimburg In the Bag

Champion Eagle, Champion Rhyno, and the Halo Destroyer are a few of Calvin’s favorite discs. We caught up with him at the 2021 Masters Cup to talk about all the discs in his bag.

Calvin the Destroyer

Calvin throws far. Very far. To control that distance, he reaches for the Halo Destroyer, his Tour Series disc. He says, “They’re really stiff, which I really like, stiff and domey. They have some glide but they have a very dependable overstable finish.”

Follow Calvin Heimburg

Calvin is a full-time touring pro competing in the sport’s biggest events. Find his tour schedule at and follow him on Instagram at @cheimborg.