Innova: Full Throttle

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Team Innova put the pedal to the metal at the Full Throttle Challenge this weekend, making it a clean sweep of the top five Open spots. Paul Ulibarri defended last year’s FTC title, sneaking past teammate Dave Feldberg by 3 strokes. Salt Lake City’s Cory Sharp was right on Dave’s heels finishing only 1 back. Paul McBeth and Bobby Musick, the California connection, grabbed 4th and 5th to complete the sweep.

Over in Norwalk, Connecticut, at the Cranbury Classic, Valarie Jenkins grabbed the women’s title with Carrie “Burl” Berlogar finishing second. Steve Brinster, who continues to enjoy an outstanding season, finished fifth in the Open division. Will Schusterick was on fire at the Skeeter Heater in Smyrna, Tennessee. In High Point, NC Brian Schweberger earned the 92nd win of his career at the Oak Hollow Open. David Wiggins, the current Amateur World Champion AND Amateur US Champion, showed his potential in the pro division with a strong 5th place finish. Coda Hatfield gave ‘em Hell on the Border and coasted to a 5-stroke win over the competition in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Congratulations to Joel Kelly for his win at the 2010 Gonzales Open in Texas.

Barry Schultz ties for second place at the Monroy X Gowens Memorial Open in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ambassador Espen Mokkelgjerd takes second at the Ekeberg Open in Oslo, Norway. Kevin Babbitt takes second at the Revenge of the Monkey in Emporia, Kansas on Saturday then ties for third on Sunday at the 5th Dynamic Discs Open. Also at the DD Open, Devan Owens placed 2nd and Duane CD Steiner takes the win in the Masters division. Ziggy Bierekoven ties for third at the Motor City Open in Michigan. Kyle Crabtree finishes second and Chandler Fry, places third at the 6th Annual Jet Wash Open in Washington.