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Valarie Jenkins was five strokes back going into the final nine holes, but managed to pull herself back to a tie with the leader with a single hole left to play. She finished in second, a stroke away from a playoff. A fine performance, Val. Gregg Hosfeld also climbed into second place in the Pro Grandmasters during the finals, from fourth place at the start of the round. At 13 strokes out of first to start, Gregg finished three strokes out of first.

Anni Kreml adds another World Championship to her resume. She now has three Master Womens World titles and two Grandmaster Womens World titles. Dr. Rick Voakes held off fellow teammate and hall-of-famer, Alan Beaver for the win in the Senior Grandmasters division. Dr. Rick built a 12 stroke lead heading into the finals and won by 14 strokes. Rick now holds 8 Pro World titles in three divisions. In the Legends division, Peter Shive and Pete May had the closest race of the tournament, never getting more than three strokes away from each other. In the end, Pete May edged out 10-time World Champion Shive for the win.

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2011 Male and Female Player of the Year are Nikko Locastro and Valarie Jenkins. Ricky Wysocki was awarded 2011 Rookie of the Year. Ricky won his first Pro Major championship during his rookie year!

Innova would like to congratulate all the Amateur and Junior World Champions.

    2012 Amateur World Champions
  • Advanced Men – Spencer Wilken
  • Advanced Women – Michelle Frazer
  • Advanced Master Men – Craig Wesnofske
  • Advanced Master Women – Michelle Horn
  • Advanced Grandmaster Men – James Elkins
  • Advanced Grandmaster Women – Carla Dee Proffitt
  • Advanced Senior Grandmaster – Jim Banbury
  • Advanced Legends – Bill Charron Sr.
    2012 Junior World Champions
  • Junior Boys Under 19 – Adam Morrison
  • Junior Boys Under 16 – Justin Lammers
  • Junior Girls Under 16 – Vivian Dillen
  • Junior Boys Under 13 – Devyon Baldwin
  • Junior Girls Under 13 – Alex Lambert
  • Junior Boys Under 10 – Forest Deason
  • Junior Girls Under 10 – Desiree Duran