Disc Golf for Women

Involve Women’s Service Organizations

Introduce disc golf to female organizations like the Girl Scouts, sororities, women’s church groups or any local women’s service organizations that are active in your community. Offer to take these groups to a local course and teach the basics of disc golf or hold a clinic. Be sure to have some experienced players available to help. Helpers should be willing to accompany groups through the course. It is a good idea to provide discs for the participants. The discs can be loaners or each player can actually receive a disc for participating. Discs can be new or used. Discs can be donated by area players or local disc vendors.

Women’s clubs and organizations are often looking to get involved in local service projects. When talking to these groups, encourage them to do a service project at a course near you. Before or after completing the project, suggest they play a round of disc golf or participate in a brief disc golf clinic or demonstration. These groups may be able to enlist some local businesses to provide support for the service project/disc golf event. These business sponsors may be willing to provide lunch, discounts, or cash to buy supplies for the service project. Sponsors may be able to fund the purchase of discs or tee shirts for the participants. It is often easier to find sponsors when a service organization or charity is involved. Before beginning a service project, make sure to get permission from proper authorities, follow all park regulations and obtain any required permits.

Ideas for Service Projects

Beautification project.

Enhance the course/park by planting new trees or flowerbeds. Plantings may include plaques recognizing volunteers or providing educational information about the plant life. Encourage the group to come back on a regular basis to care for the new plants and check on the growth.

Course Clean-up.

Hold a clean-up day to remove trash or debris from the course and surrounding park. They may want to provide permanent trash containers throughout the course. The group could volunteer to come back on a regular basis to empty the containers.

Conservation project.

Perform work to maintain conservation of the course, or improve the environment for local plants or wildlife. Work may include constructing or improving walking trails, fairways and tee pad areas to prevent erosion or increase drainage. Consider planting native grasses or vegetation to help erosion and/or provide suitable habitat for wildlife. Mulching fairways or planting grass to prevent erosion can be helpful. Help maintain local wetlands or other special habitat on or near the course. Set up bird feeders and/or birdhouses to help native bird populations.

Course Improvements.

Raise funds to construct/provide improvements for the course or park such as benches, bridges, stairs, a practice basket or Skill Shot course. The women’s group may be interested in helping to raise funds for a new course in the area.

Tournament Support.

These groups may want to volunteer to help with a local tournament or event. They could assist with player registration and check in, setting up the course before the event or spotting during the event. Consider allowing these groups to provide and sell breakfast, lunch or snacks to players to raise funds for their organization.

Charitable Fund Raising.

These groups may be interested in raising funds for a local charity by hosting a tournament event. There are many different ways a fundraiser could be held. The event could be solely for group members and their families, or for all players in the area. Players could raise money based on the number of holes played, or the entry fees for all players could go to fundraising. Each group member may raise funds to participate. Perhaps a sorority may consider holding an event for all sororities and fraternities. The house that raises the most funds, or has the most participants would be the winner of the event. Be creative, the options are limitless.
To make any gathering more fun for the participants, consider having each member bring a pot luck item for a get together picnic in conjunction with the event. If child care is a concern for participants, one or two group members could provide child care while the others are helping with the service project or fund raiser event.