2014 Women’s Global Event – Let’s Do This

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The Women’s Global Event made its debut in 2012 and attracted just over 600 participants around the world. On May 10th the second Women’s Global Event will take place, and it’s time we all step up and make this one bigger and better than ever.

Three time World Champion Valarie Jenkins said she had a great time in 2012 at the WGE Daisy Chains Women’s tournament in California. Val plans to take part in that event again this year. But you don’t have to be in California to play. Chances are there is a participating event in your area.

If you are interested in playing in the event, sign up now! If you are able to run a WGE tournament in your town, sign up now! There are plenty of resources available online at http://www.pdga.com/women/global-event

We want to see 1000 ladies tee it up on May 10th. We believe May 10th can, and will, be a historic day for women’s disc golf. Jenkins believes the goal of 1000 women is reachable. “The hype has grown over two years and I think we’re going to have a very good turnout,” said Jenkins, Chair of the PDGA Women’s Committee.

For years the discussion about how to get more female players has puzzled players, promoters, and tournament directors. Women’s participation is growing, but growing slowly. We believe it is time to change that once and for all, together.

At a regular tournament, women’s divisions are normally small and bunched together. Not so with the WGE and its global scoring format. “This format gives women the opportunity to play in the division that they’re meant to play in. It gives all women a chance to get together and see how they rank against other women in the world,” said Jenkins.

Innova was honored to support the inaugural event by donating 500 custom stamped WGE Champion Mambas. The gratitude alone shown by WGE competitors made it worth every nickel. This year we are increasing our support to 600 discs and are excited to see other companies following suit. If you or your company have the resources available to support the 2014 WGE, please send a note to wge@pdga.com and let them know.

In a partnership with Disc Golf United (DGU) we will also be providing:

  • $3.00 discount coupons for use at the DGU online pro shop
  • Additional WGE commemorative discs will be available to WGE tournament directors at a discounted rate so that every participant has an opportunity to receive a commemorative disc.

For those who wish to run a WGE tournament, DGU provides a complete online registration and event management solution to help you simplify and streamline everything.

So now you have no excuses. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. 2014 Womens Global Event – Let’s Do This.