Disc Golf for Women

Host Women’s Clinics

A women’s clinic can be held prior to a regular league session or tournament, or as a separate event. The main reason to hold a women’s clinic is to provide instruction for women players, particularly those that are new to the sport. Try to provide one on one instruction whenever possible. You don’t need to be a professional player to hold a women’s clinic for new or beginning players. However, consider having professional players (men or women) at the clinic to provide more in-depth information and to assist more experienced players.

Suggestions for Hosting a Successful Women’s Clinic

Publicize Clinic.

Announce the availability of women’s divisions on all league flyers, course bulletin boards and league/club websites. Encourage current league players to bring the women in their life to league. Post league information on the dedicated area of Women’s Forum on the PDGA discussion board.

Have a lesson plan.

Outline topics you will cover in the clinic(s). A good format would include 5 to 15 minutes of brief instruction followed by 9 to 18 holes of golf. When working with beginners: less information is more helpful. It can be overwhelming for a new player to concentrate on many techniques. If you are holding a one time only clinic, expand the time for instruction but still concentrate on explaining the basic techniques. You may include a longer demonstration so players can get an overall view of the many skills involved.

Play a round.

After demonstration is complete, have players break into foursomes. If time permits, have experienced players quickly review each participants’ throwing form and offer simple advice. Next each group of women players can play a round of 9 or 18 holes disc golf. Have an experienced disc golfer play along with each group to provide advice and answer questions. It is not necessary to keep score, as it is more important to be encouraging and make the round fun!

Suggested Topics

Remember with beginners less is more. Many topics have been included for those that plan on running clinics on a weekly or monthly basis.

Warm up.

Discuss the importance of warming up before playing. Demonstrate basic stretches for upper and lower body.

Rules of Disc Golf.

If necessary, please explain the basic rules of disc golf, including scorekeeping, marking the lie and order of play. Discuss basic courtesy rules and warning others of errant shots. Be sure players know not throw when others are in the way, and to be respectful of other park users and park equipment.

Equipment Basics.

Show the basic golf discs: a driver, multi-purpose disc and putter. Explain how each is used. Encourage players to use multi-purpose discs at first. Explain that lightweight understable drivers are best for beginning players.


Explain and demonstrate the backhand drive and forehand drive. You can find basic charts demonstrating backhand and forehand drives here: Backhand Drive, Forehand Drive. Stress the importance of a smooth level throw and release. Explain the basic flight of a disc will fade left for new players, and that this is normal. Explain that nose up shots will fade faster than level shots.


Explain and demonstrate the traditional backhand putt and straddle putt. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Basic grips.

Explain and demonstrate the most common backhand and forehand grips. Demonstrate basic backhand putting grips.


Demonstrate the X-step as well as a basic stand-and-deliver throwing technique.


Explain hyzer, stable and understable. Warning: this can be very confusing to new players. They are still trying to master a level throw.

Proper Release.

Discuss the various release angles and results. Demonstrate a flat and level backhand throw. Demonstrate a hyzer release angle and anhyzer release angles for drives. Discuss and demonstrate angles of release for upshots and putts. For more advanced, demonstrate release angles for forehand and specialty shots.

Advanced Throwing Techniques.

For more advanced players, or for one-on-one instruction; discuss and demonstrate proper techniques for the backhand roller, forehand roller, cut rollers, overhead and specialty shots. Here is a link to information on the Backhand Roller.

Advanced Grips.

Review and demonstrate specialty grips and throws like the hook-thumber and grenade.

Advanced Putting Instruction.

Demonstrate techniques for putting around objects and in uphill and downhill situations. Show turbo putts, putts on one knee, upside down putts, wrist flips, etc. Provide advice on concentration and confidence.