Aces at Worlds

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On Monday, players competed in the field events, and the top scores in distance and putting moved on to the exciting distance and putting showcase. The showcase was set up on the Santa Cruz pier, with players throwing a 425 foot shot across the water to a DISCatcher set up on the beach. There was a guaranteed prize of $5000 for a first throw that aced, and $500 for a second or third shot that aced. Each player had 3 throws.

Team Discmania player Seppo Paju threw his first shot and missed, but in front of over 700 spectators, perhaps 1000, his second shot found the chains and he was sitting on a $500 ace!!! We captured the excitement and elation Seppo felt when he struck chains with a Firebird. This ace adds to Garrett Gurthie’s incredible first throw of the tournament yielding an ace. That’s special stuff; That’s what the worlds is all about!

Seppo’s Ace

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In tournament news, Derek Billings hangs on to second place, followed by newcomer to the lead card, Will Schusterick, sitting in third place.
Valarie Jenkins is a stroke away from Paige Pierce who sangged the lead by a throw, while Phil Arthur also fell a few strokes from the lead in Masters.
In Masters Women, Carrie Berlogar has a comfortable lead, as does Jim Oates in Grandmasters.

We look forward to an exciting battle for the semifinals. Are you ready to watch the exciting finals on Saturday? It promises to be an all day affair.

Tune into for live coverage!